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The RDLead Program aims to help develop and strengthen further the research capabilities of the academe, research and development institutions (RDIs), and other government line agencies nationwide. To this end, RDLeaders who are local S&T experts with strong leadership and innovative policy proficiencies are engaged to train, and direct and support their R&D goals. Depending on the R&D needs of the academe, RDIs, and line agencies, an RDLeader is engaged through application, screening, and evaluation by the National Research Council of the Philippines (NRCP). NRCP is the implementing agency of the RDLead Program.


R&D Leadership (RDLead) Program

The RDLead Program is part of the DOST’s Accelerated R&D Program for Capacity Building of R&D Institutions and Industrial Competitiveness under the Science for Change umbrella.

Through this program, the HEIs or RDIs, will engage experts with strong leadership, management and innovative policy-making proficiencies to be in charge of strengthening the research capabilities of the HEIs or RDIs.

Why does DOST support the RDLeaders?

The DOST is funding RDLeaders to:

  • strengthen the capabilities of Filipino researchers, scientists and engineers (RSEs) in the Higher Education Institutions (HEIs) and Research and Development Institutes (RDIs);
  • complement the establishment of Niche Centers in the Regions (NICER) and other existing RDIs through the RD Leader’s proactive leadership and world-class expertise; and
  • stir the research direction of NICERs and RDIs towards innovative national and globally competitive R&D endeavors.
Who can become an RDLeader?

An RDLeader must have the following qualifications:

  • A doctorate degree from a reputable academic institution;
  • With at least 10 years of professional experience working in a reputable R&D institution and/or academe;
  • Has made an outstanding contribution in his/her field of specialization;
  • Has demonstrated competent training and leadership skills; and
  • Has several publications in referred journals

*In special cases, an expert without a doctorate degree may also qualify provided that the highly-specialized skill or his/her field of expertise is aligned with the Harmonized National R&D Agenda and the priorities of the DOST.

What are the incentives for RDLeaders?
  • Minimum of Php 159,000.00 to Php 178,000.00 per man-month, to a maximum of Php 1.9 million to Php 2.1 million for 12 man-months depending on the nature and scope of the agreed duties and responsibilities during the engagement or contract duration;
  • Two-way airfare allowance
  • Annual medical insurance
What are the requirements?
  • Accomplishment RDLead Form1 – Expert’s Profile with 2×2 photo, downloadable at the DOST website: www.dost.gov.phUpdated detailed Curriculum Vitae
  • Terms of Reference
  • Plan of Actions in Gantt Chart
  • Photocopy of diploma or transcript of academic records for highest degree attained, and/or certificate of academic achievements
  • Medical Certificate
  • Copy of valid professional license, if applicable
  • Certified true copy of Employment Certificate with salaries or latest filed income Tax Return (ITR) and Business Registration for those who own business
How to apply and select RDLeaders?
  • Upon receipt of the application package, the NRCP will check and ensure the completeness of the requirements submitted.
  • The NRCP will write the HEI/RDI to acknowledge receipt of the application package, and/or inform and require the expert to submit the lacking documents, for those with incomplete applications.
  • The applicants will be shortlisted and notified for interview by the NEC, as needed. Applicants who do not meet the qualification requirements will be notified as soon as possible. Qualified applicants will be endorsed to the Executive Director of the NRCP. The Executive Director of NRCP, on the other hand, shall inform the DOST-EXECOM of the successful RDLead Program applicants.
  • The NRCP will facilitate the hiring of the RDLeaders. The process for the procurement of consulting/professional services will follow the provisions of R.A. 9184 and its IRR.
  • NRCP will process the payment for the RDLeaders upon the satisfactory completion of deliverables as certified by the HEI or RDI. The payment shall be made in three tranches as a condition of payment based on the agreed duration of engagement.
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