Message from former Secretary Fortunato T. dela Peña

As we welcome the year 2021, the Department of Science and Technology recognizes the urgency to stay ahead of paradigm shifts. The new environment demands a dynamic response in the way we do things. I am glad that the Science for Change Program (S4CP) is quick to adapt and innovate in ensuring the continuity of our research and development (R&D) activities.

To sustain our efforts in accelerating R&D, there is need to focus our efforts and resources to strategic solutions. The launch of the S4CP website marks the program’s readiness for the new environment and our commitment to the continued development of R&D projects.

One of the most notable features in the website is the interactive map of successful S4CP projects and the navigable buttons outlining the sub-programs. It is my sincere hope that academic institutions, R&D Institutes and most especially, the private industries, will take time to consider employing R&D in their strategic plans.

My congratulations to the academic institutions, industry and government partners who are part of the Science for Change Program and the S4CP team in embracing the challenges of the new environment with an eye to the future. Let us continue making positive changes as we work to ensure that Science is For The Filipino People!