Health Video Section

Center for Vector of Diseases of Public Health Importance | NICER

Led by De La Salle University Laguna

The Center for Vector of Diseases will study the insecticide resistance of mosquitoes, formulation of bio-mosquitocide against mosquito larvae, and utility of natural predators to control the mosquito population.

Integrated Protein Research and Development Center | NICER

Led by Ateneo de Manila University

The center is an integrated R&D facility for Health spanning biology, chemistry, engineering & medicine, and aspires to become a robust pilot-scale manufacturer of proteins and instrumentation for health R&D, enabling and supporting the growth of the Philippine biotechnology sector.

R&D Center for Medical Robotics| NICER

Led by De La Salle University Manila

An R&D Center of multi- and inter- disciplinary in nature that combines neuroscience, robotics and embedded systems, computational intelligence and data analytics, machine learning and artificial intelligence that would address the rising need for modern and more effective, efficient, and cost-effective health-care products and services.

Center for Applied Modeling, Data Analytics, and Bioinformatics for DecisionSupport Systems in Health | NICER

Led by University of Philippines Mindanao in collaboration with the Malayan Colleges Mindanao

The Center will utilize quantitative methods, data analytics, and applied mathematical modeling approaches to generate decision-support systems that will empower decision-makers.

Biomaterials for Diagnostics and Therapeutics Research and Development Center | NICER

Led by Angeles University Foundation

An R&D center that will focus on the development and integration of biomaterials and nanomaterials for health applications.

Center for Disaster Risk Reduction and Management in Health | NICER

Led by University of the Philippines – Manila

A disaster risk reduction and management center that will monitor and evaluate the Philippines’ and regional experiences in disaster risk reduction management, particularly focused in health. The research component is led by the Health Emergencies and Disasters (HEAD) study group of researchers whose main goal is to conduct research related to emergencies and disasters.